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Assumption of Risk

Under the legal doctrine of “assumption of risk,” a person will not be liable for another person’s injuries if the injured person has voluntarily undertaken a risk with knowledge of the dangers that are posed by the risk. The doctrine of assumption of risk may be used as a defense to a personal injury action.

Common Law Tort Action Against Person Having Sexual Relations with Female Child

Under the common law, a person who has sexual relations with a female child is liable to the child’s parent for damages. The tort action is based on the parent’s lack of consent. Damages are based on the parent’s loss of services or the medical expenses that the parent incurred on behalf of the child as a result of the sexual relations. Although these types of cases are quite rare and some states have abolished actions for these types of cases, there are still some states in which the cause of action may be maintained.

Personal Injury Actions between Spouses

When spouses commit torts against each other, a cause of action may or may not be available to the injured spouse. It depends upon the jurisdiction and the type of injury.

Punitive Damages

Apart from legislation granting a right to sue for a specific harm, personal injury law generally consists of tort law and the civil procedure for enforcing it. One of the purposes of tort law is to provide compensation for damages. This article discusses punitive damages.

Torts in Boxing

Boxing is obviously a dangerous sport for participants, but spectators may be injured as well. In certain instances, spectators and participants may bring tort actions to recover for their injuries.

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